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about his connection to two
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. breaking news tonight, a murder suspect killed after a high speed chase with police and new details about his connection to two missing women. >> i'm freed. but i, i just can't believe this. >> a mountain lion roaming through the heart of downtown berkeley. why police say they were forced to take extreme action. >> i would recommend that to everybody. a milestone in the fight over medical marijuana. the first tv commercial to hit the tv airways and the interesting thing it managed to leave out. one of the brightest rooms in all of san francisco. you ever wonder what a $49 million place looks like? take a look. we'll take you own a private tour of the bay area's most expensive condo. good evening, i'm ken bastida, dana has the night off and the news starts now. this is cbs5 "eyewitness news." we begin with breaking news in the east bay. a murder suspect and a woman
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are both dead after a chase that wound through two bay area counties tonight and it all came to an end just two hours ago. robert liles is in richmond with some new developments that he has learned in just the last hour, robert? >> kim, before i get to that, let's get to the real deal. what is going on now is a two- day manhunt for a murder suspect ended in a dramatic high-speed chase and crash here in the barking lot of the pacific east mall in richmond, as you mentioned one woman is dead outside this mall, the murder suspect is dead inside the mall, and now we know, and we have confirmed through police sources, that the murder suspect is linked to two missing women in vallejo. but, before i get to that, let me show you this dramatic scene that continues to unfold here at the pacific east mall. now what you see behind me is the remains of a black accura sedan. hercules police are confirming
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38-year-old efrem val demayor oh was behind the wheel. he is accused of taking police on a chase that crisscrossed the east bay finally here to richmond. you can see the left rear tire is blown. chp now says that's after the accused murder suspect reached speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour along 680 and then ultimatelien to 80. witnesses tell me he drove in circles here in the parking lot before slamming into the sidewalk where you see that car currently resting. now we're being very careful about the positioning of our camera as the body of a young woman -- the body of a woman lays just outside the passenger door. now eight now that vehicle is surrounded by a team of investigators from richmond, from the chp, from vallejo, and also from hercules. now hercules police describe the victim as an asian female and reportedly the girlfriend of baldy marrow.
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now at this moment they believe the woman was killed inside the car. that's where 38-year-oldev recollection baldy val demar oh repelled a weapon inside the mall who were forced to return fire. >> at the termination point of the pursuit heath suspect fled the vehicle in the shopping center, two chp officers confronted the suspect, the suspect failed to obey commands to drop a weapon in which the chp officers discharged their fire arms and the suspect suffered fatal injuries. >> val demar oh is accused of viciously beating to death solace. they found his body inside his home in hercules. now widening this mystery is his son frederick. he too was last seen inside that hercules home and remains missing without a trace. but police sources are confirming to me that two more
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individuals are also missing without a trace cbs5 has confirmed val demar oh had personal ties to 63-year-old is a gowned ya allen and 63-year- old mark a rhea smart, she is known as carol. smart and allen vanished last wednesday. both women are believed to have been headed in a casino in her 2002 cadillac escalade with california plates 5s0a770. let me correct that. 5soa770. that is is the same vehicle hercules police reported seeing val demar oh drive the in hercules. if all of 2 facts flesh out as we're learning here on the scene that means two possible murder victims from hercules, a murder victim here on this scene, possibly two more
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individuals missing from valet tow and now police sources are telling me two to three other individuals may be linked to val demar oh. they are trying to make all the dice tonight. >> amazing story. obviously still unwinding for the evening, robert liles. >> reporter: absolutely. >> in richmond. thank you for the update on that. a very rare sighting in the east bay, a mountain lion roaming through the neighborhood in berkeley. a resident there called police just after 2:00 in the morning, they spotted the mountain lions on in a vacant parking lot. the big cat jumping fences and crossing streets before it ended up on walnut. officers say they were worried about overnight workers, residents, and had no choice but to shoot and kill that 100- pound animal. >> we have no tools in terms of any kind of tranquilizer or managing a mountain lion, a wild animal like that. >> residents say they wish that
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the animal didn't have to be killed but say that the mountain lion probably came into a residential neighborhood because there are a lot of dear in that area. air passengers forced to return to sfo because of a blown engine on the way. they should be on their way to australia again. last night a boeing 747 left san francisco for sydnie, they there were the 12 passengers aboard. about 45 minutes into that flight one of the engines blew up. pilots were forced to turn around, come back to sfo. he was there was a very strong shudder on the right hand side of the plane. >> a bit of a bump and the plane kind of veered off left. >> some passengers said that they also saw flames coming from one of the engines. luckily the planes landed safely. nobody was injured. also, tonight, president declared an end to the 7 1/2 year combat mission in iraq and said that his central responsibility going forward is restoring the nation's economy.
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>> as we wind down the war in iraq we must tackle those challenges at home with as much energy and grit and sense of common purpose as our men and women in uniform who have served aproduce. they have met every test that they faced. now it's our turn. >> the president did not claim victory in iraq. >> we should also be thankful that another president, the previous one, had the determination and the will to carry out the plan that made tonight's announcement possible. you might recall that the surge wasn't very popular when it was announced. you might also recall that one of its biggest critics was the current president. >> president obama said he spoke to former president bush today before his speech but didn't say what they discussed. californians mixed on the timing of the withdrawal.
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an exclusive poll find 42% believe the troops should have been removed from iraq earlier. 35% tell survey usa this is the right time to go, 20% say troops should stay longer, only 7% called the u.s. operation in iraq a complete success. 23% say that it was a complete failure, 27% say that it was somewhat of a failure and 41% call it at least a partial success. northern california television viewers will see something they have never seen on tv before. it's a tv commercial for medical marijuana. and as laura coal reports, even though the word "marijuana," is never actually used in the commercials, some parents are still upset. >> two ruptured disks that i have in my lower back. >> reporter: the ad tells people's pain. >> muscle spasms in my back. >> reporter: and explain marijuana for medical use. >> the people that you see giving those temperatures are real, live, every day patients,
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israel they are your neighborhoods, your children, your relatives. >> reporter: it's the first of its kind. >> i know that people are a lot of times afraid to step forward. >> reporter: the ad never even uses the word "marijuana." >> it says cannabis. >> reporter: but it still comes with controversy. >> you want to rays your kids and keep them away from drugs in society it's extremely difficult. the last thing i need is another ad on tv. >> reporter: some parents at a roosville public park don't want to see it when they watch tv. >> i don't think we have to put it on television so our kids are more exposed to marijuana than they are already going to be in any form. >> reporter: but davey says this isn't about teaching children to use drugs, it's about making sure people know what medical options they have. >> the other ads you see are prescription drugs and they have known side effects that have harmed people. >> get on with my daily routine. >> reporter: and this commercial is proving that the
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age-old adage, don't use drugs, might change. it just depends on who you ask. >> it's safer than a prescription drug. >> i don't want that for my son or daughter. >> reporter: davies hopes her ad will lead the way for more commercials not just across the state but about also the country. laura coal, cbs5. panoramic views of the bay, a bathroom big enough to live in. that's not all. wait until you see what else is inside the bay area's most expensive condo on the market. a trip to the dmv turns into an all day waiting game in south bay. what caused that massive slow- down. they look pretty but they are tearing up the prompt. so why are these trees so darn hard to get rid of? >> and it's never a good thing when you can actually see the air that you breathe. the brown continuing in the atmosphere, we'll pinpoint that neighborhood as eyewitnesses continues right here on cbs5. ,,,,
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. well, it is one of the top 10 most expensive apartments in mark america, and it's right here in san francisco.
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what makes it so spectacular? joe vasquez takes us on the luxury tour. >> sunrise, sunset, you'll see we have views in all directions. >> reporter: it is san francisco's most expensive housing property on the market. the penthouse condo on the 40th floor of the st. regis took four years to build and look what you get for $49 million. >> it is hard not to have a jaw- dropping experience in this room. >> this room is a spectacular living room. look at this. a two-storey water fall. vistas of much of the bay area. >> one of the great features of this apartment is its offside of this magnificent living room you have this incredible terrace which is over 2,000 square feet with high walls that protect you from the elements in san francisco. >> we're 17100 plus 2900 square feet of terraces for a grand living space of 20,000. >> reporter: reports
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the 6-bedroom 7-bath st. regina ispenthouse is in s number 5 on the list of most expensive in america. the other 9 of the top 10 are all in new york city. in san francisco, the second most expensive housing property for sale is this $45 million manages at the end of billionaire's row on broadway. but take another look at the st. regis condo. the major difference here, it is brand new. >> this is her closet. a beautiful, large collection for shoes, bags, dresses. >> greg lynn of sutherby's international says the penthouse is the most expensive freshly built apartment on earth. the crown jewel, check out the master bath. >> the master bathroom was designed to be one of the most luxurious spots on earth. you'll notice the double book matched marble that was hand- selected by the owner's designers in italy and extends into the double showers here that have rain showers above. >> reporter: lynn says he can't
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name names but sports stars and world leaders are among the prospective buyers. >> some of the leading buyers taking interest are coming from china but there is also a number of bay area families that are looking at this as well. >> reporter: joe vasquez, cbs5. checking headlines around the bay area tonight, minor earthquake rattling the east bay a bit, 2.2 quake settleled northwest of concord. it was before any reports of injuries or damage. drivers in the south bay facing some painfully long lines at the dmv this week. this was the dmv office in west alma, in san jose, customers were lined up out the door. things were not any better at the santa clara office and drivers tell us it was the same story yesterday. the wait times, get this, have reached nearly four hours. >> it's horrible. it's supposed to be a public service but this is just going back to the dark ages. >> you bet. dmv says the lines could be
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related to new cameras installed in offices last week. those are linked to the computer system which could cause some slowdowns with services. there is a growing problem under san francisco sidewalks. it's is roots from a tree known as the new zoo land christmas tree. those roots can reach up to 9" in diameter. well the city planted the trees all over town back in the '80s but now the roots are destroying sidewalks and sewer lines. property owners are complaining because they are being held responsible for the walks adjacent to the their own homes and buildings. that's no fun, and not a very merry christmas is it roberta. >> that's what those trees are called. i've often wondered about that. good evening everybody. today we warmed up substantially in half moon bay to 88 degrees in sonoma, that was 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. a few high, thin clouds towards sunset but this is what you can bank on for sunrise tomorrow morning. a little hint of some stratus in the form of low clouds and
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patchy fog but it will be very short lived. it is going to dissipate very rapidly, sunrise 6:38, to the north of us big bank of- building in, temperatures going up 11 degrees tomorrow in santa rosa, all the way up to 95, today 84 there. we'll tag three degrees on the san jose temp. 8 degrees warmer in san francisco and bank on 85 degrees in oakland. but it all comes at a price. stag demand air quality means that we have our third spare the air day so far this season, it will take place tomorrow with a little bit of a brown continuing in the atmosphere across the santa clara valley where it will top off at 90 degrees in loss batting average owes, east of the bay temperatures climbing all the way up to 90 degrees. those really sound refreshing. meanwhile looking at 91 degrees in san anselmo, mid-70s, in santiago bay, and 9 degrees warmer in pen grove.
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there you have the extended forecast, we do call for the hottest day this week with the working of high pressure strengthening to take place on thursday back into the triple digits, otherwise a very short- lived heat wave. we have cooler conditions with the return of the marine layer friday all the way through labor day when we start falling below normal. now i love this picture. it bears explanation here, okay? >> all right. >> tree with fog behind it. >> no, but look at the vassal low deck of low clouds, that means transition. that's when we're going from the deeper marine layer to the shallow marine layer, high pressure building in. you got to know weather and rob certainly does. thanks for that picture and keep them coming. >> thank you roberta. >> we're going to start smart meters, stay with us. >> i know the answer to that one. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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meters. some customers say . all right. there have been protests and complaints about pg&e's new smart meters, we have product you that before. some customer say their bills are skyrocketing. other people's bills have gone down. in tonight's good question john in daly city wants to know how do i read my smart meter.
11:24 pm
. >> like some 6 million of you out there pg&e installed a smart meter at my house last year too. one for gas and one for electricity. the utility company says you can track your power usage using the new meter but i don't even know how to read it. >> one of the first things you'll see is a series of 8. that just means that the meter is working properly. >> they came over to show me how it works. >> it will scroll through to a next number on top, 13410, that's the number of yours that you have used at your home since this meter was installed. >> the next set of numbers shows how much voltage is going into your house. >> it's usually about 240 for most residences, so right now 239 volts, that's the electricity potential. >> that's all well and good but the next set of numbers are important. those are the ones that you can control. the kilowatts that you're using at that moment.
11:25 pm
>> that's the your reading so right now that's what you're using in your house. that's the number of kilowatts. >> 635, is that high or low, matt? >> that's a pretty low reading right now. >> it turns out the smart meter is surprisingly sensitive. watch what happens. watch the kilowatts spike when i fire up my saw? it goes up, goes down, you can track this all in real time from your computer. i need your good questions. send them to me. did you hear the one about the football player who lost his ear ring. another rollercoaster at the yard, eh, that's why they call it the wildcard, right? next? . >> outta' here. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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11:29 pm
tied at 1 in the fifth. two out, madison bun bar the double. he gave up one run through six innings, eighth inning still 2- 1, not any more, melvin mora goes the opposite way. tying the game at 2, his fourth of the year. the game did not stay tied. bottom half, he smacked a home run almost in the same spot as mora, gave the giants a lead for good and the win 5-2. the phillies beat the dodgers, the giants don't gain any ground in the wildcard but the padres lose their sixth straight game. san francisco only 4 back in the division. vin mazzaro is from hackensack, news, that's his sister. wow. she was there. that didn't help him. the a's go down big time in the bronx. the yankees have scored 20 times, mazzaro gives up 9 runs,
11:30 pm
a's lose 5-3. t san jose . mark ingram underwent arthroscopic surgery today. he will miss san jose state. they are now only 35 point underdogs. kevin langford forgot to take off his $50,000 diamond ring, it hasn't been found, he lost it, he mass no insurance. no celebration, you go to the men's room, lift up the seat, read the newspaper, do your thing, then you flush it. and then you put the top down. that's impressive. that is very good. number 3, here is using your nothing gin, the german sportscaster wasn't hurt. continued to broadcast for five minutes with no hurt. >> what happened. everybody was staring at me. i thought okay, now something happened, i tried to get my mind together. >> ow. at number 2b.j. upton with a shot to right.
11:31 pm
dewayne wise perfect landing for the cats, blue jays beat the rays. nats and marlins adam kennedy ground ball, hanley ramirez fires home to get nyjer morgan at the plate but morgan does his best patrick willis impression. that is linebacker city. number 52 of the 49ers all over it and the marlins win the game 1-0 in 10 innings. that the -- >>e was he out. >> he was out. >> dana king wasn't here either. >> hung onto that the ball. >> that's a headache. >> took the body. umm. lap ,,,,,,
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. "eyewitness news" brought to you by honda. talk about your vintage champagne, divers in the balance particular sea found what is believed to be the oldest drinkable champagne in the world. those bottles found in a ship wreck off the coast of finland. they are believed to be from the late 1780s, they have been chilled all this time, they are perfect. some of the corks are broken but those who tasted some of the bubbly said it was fantastic. how much is it worth? well, if it really is that old, they are saying now $68,000 a bottle. >> wow.

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